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Things I find Interesting

8 January 1976
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Hello, and welcome to my LJ. I don't post a lot, mostly comments, but feel free to read through what's here, I don't use "Friends only" posts, so it's all there. On to my bio:

Personality wise, I'm usually very shy and quiet, especially around people I don't know, but once I get to know someone, I'm only mostly shy and quiet ^_^. My personality type is INTP.

A bit about my user name, I usually go by Nekura online, I picked it because it means "introvert" in japanese, I've also found some of the other meanings of it, and find that most of them fit as well. Sometimes someone else beats me to the name, so then I use Nekura_Ca, since I'm from Canada. I use to use Nekura Ninku in the past, but I like the shorter name better, plus I found out that there is an anime called Ninku, and since I've never seen it, wanted to avoid using it. Thanks to dermotmacflann, my name in Hebrew: ניקורא כ"א

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